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Chicago Gaming Company Expanded Code for Cactus Canyon Still Coming, Not Close to Being Ready

Fans and owners of Chicago Gaming Company's Cactus Canyon Remake have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of new, expanded code and possibly some other sort of related mod such as rumored saloon doors that go in front of Bart for quite some time. The new code was the last project that was worked on by the legendary pinball coder Lyman Sheats prior to his tragic passing, making it even more anticipated. From the sounds of it Cactus Canyon Remake owners are going to have to wait a while longer.

Josh Sharpe, who was working with Lyman on designing the expanded code for the game, stated on Pinside yesterday and again this morning that while much of the new code is done, "much is left to implement. The rules design is complete. The code is not. The art is not. The sounds and speech are not." He went on to add "There's still a good amount of work to be done." No specific timetable was given for the expansion's arrival, Josh stated that while it's possible, he wouldn't count on it being ready this year.

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