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Chicago Gaming Company Production Update and New Code for Pulp Fiction

Happy Friday everyone. This is usually the time that we see good ole Stern Pinball's Factory Friday production update, but we're changing things up today with a production update from none other than Chicago Gaming Company (CGC).

A little while ago, CGC shared pictures of Pulp Fictions being produced in its factory. They stated that while they are currently making making a few chrome coin door SE games for collectors, the majority of the games being produced right now are "SED" games for operators aka SE games with the dollar bill acceptor coin door.

As an added bonus, CGC also announced that it has released a code update for Pulp Fiction.

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Where do we get the code update from, not on their website.


Feb 22

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Screw dollar bill acceptors...we need a Venmo acceptor!

Happy Friday Mr. Knapp

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