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Chicago Gaming Company May Start Shipping Cactus Canyon Limited Editions Soon

Production delays for the awesome topper for Chicago Gaming's new Cactus Canyon Remake caused the company to produce more Standard Edition games in its first run than had originally been anticipated. Talk is that 500 Standard Edition games are in the process of being made in the initial run. CGC is has committed to producing 1,250 games Limited Edition units of the game.

A Pinside member recently shared a picture of what supposedly is Cactus Canyon SE #1750 being shipped out. If that indeed was that machine's production number, it likely means that Chicago Gaming is very close to shipping out its highly anticipated LE games in the near future.

I'm really like the Cactus Canyon remake. Chicago Gaming did a phenomenal job with it. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in the wild and will continue to keep an eye out for news on the company's upcoming code expansion / upgrade kit.

UPDATE: After posting this a distributor reached out to me and stated that they still have no information from CGC indicating that LEs will be shipped soon. They have been told a vague “summer” date. Hey, it’s “Memorial Day” the unofficial start of summer ;) so hopefully they'll be out sooner rather than later.

CGC's Cactus Canyon LE

The new Cactus Canyon topper

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