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Chicago Gaming May Be Considering Shipping Cactus Canyon SE+ Games Without Toppers Before LE Models

A little while ago, The Pinball Network released its latest episode of The Pinball Show podcast. In the news segment of the episode, TPS reporter Craig Bobbie stated that continued problems securing parts for the game's fantastic, but now epically delayed toppers for the Cactus Canyon Remake are causing Chicago Gaming Company to consider shipping the SE+ version of the game to customers without the toppers for now before shipping the game's Limited Edition machines. Toppers would then be sent out to SE+ buyers at a later date.

I personally love Cactus Canyon. I've had a thing for the original pin ever since I played it on The Pinball Arcade video game back in the day and later for real in the front room of Sunshine Laundromat and again at the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park, New Jersey. My youngest son and I head straight for Cactus Canyon whenever we see one on location. Once the upgraded Lyman Sheats / Josh Sharpe code is available for the game it's going to be amazing. Anything that makes the huge use of space that is a pinball machine even deeper is a very welcome addition in my book. If I was a buyer of an LE though, I would probably have bailed and just switched to the SE at this point.

Here's a link to the latest episode of The Pinball Show for anyone who wants to check it out:

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