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Collector Builds Super Rare Gottlieb Krull Pinball Machine From Scratch

Now here's something super awesome that I wasn't expecting to see. This morning I stumbled across a thread on Pinside from a gentleman who has remade, not one, but two super duper rare 1983 Gottlieb Krull pinball machines from scratch.

Only ten units of the original game were ever made because the three-level pinball machine around the same time that Gottlieb made around the same number of its unusual "Goin' Nuts" pinball machine. The latter is probably more well-known because Farsight recreated it digitally for its no longer updated The Pinball Arcade video game. Ultimately, Gottlieb decided not to make either game when Columbia Pictures was acquired by Coca-Cola, and Coke changed Gottlieb's name to Mylstar Electronics.

Check these things out. They look AMAZING!

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Mar 24, 2023

ok, now I go crawl back in my hole, and keep to my silly little mods..Holy Shit, that is totally amazing. What 2! incredible accomplishments, and such an important asset to the pinball community (without doubt). It would be amazing to see some vids of the build process..incredible!

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