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Complete Video Tour of the Biggest Public Pinball Arcade That I’ve Ever Seen!

Updated: Oct 31

The Fall 2023 Knapp Arcade Road Trip is complete. Rob and I hit our 1,000 pinball machines in a single weekend goal - finishing up at 1,011 pins last night at Vaporosity in Sharon, PA after accidentally finding a new speakeasy up the road.

Prior to visiting Vaperosity, Rob and I visited the brand new Past Times Arcade in Girard, Ohio. This is the biggest arcade with the rarest games that I have ever seen in my life. We literally spent hours and hours there and couldn't even scratch the surface of the amazing collection.

Before the Arcade opened, the fine folks there let us in to film video and take pictures of the place for us. I shared a quick one minute video of Past Times on Facebook earlier and just finished uploading a complete game-by-game walkthrough that I did to YouTube that I have embedded below for your viewing pleasure. You have to check this place out! 375 or so pinball machines and countless arcade machines, spanning every decade...all available for the public to play all day for $20 for adults and $10 for kids.

I took literally hundreds of pictures of pinball machines at Past Times and the other awesome locations that we visited on the trip, many of which were super rare games that I've never seen in person in my life that I'm going to share with everyone over the coming weeks in Facebook & Instagram posts and in articles here (it's going to take me a while to go through them all). In the meantime here's the full video. The music was off and I didn't babble over it, so it's chock full of the amazing ambient arcade sounds that we all love...

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