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Cool New Godzilla Tokyo Neon Sign Mod from Stumblor Pinball

Earlier today the pinball machine mod manufacturer Stumblor Pinball shared info on a new project that it has been working awesome-looking Tokyo Neon Sign Mod for Stern Pinball's Godzilla.

How cool is thins thing? It looks awesome and completely captures the Japanese Tokyo vibe of the game. Every individual Japanese character, the border and the sign on the right of the piece are all individually configurable in terms of colors and patterns using WiFi. The right second can be swapped out for one of three options, all of which come with the kit.

The initial production run for the mod is only going to be 20 pieces. Stumblor is charging, or around $220 U.S. dollars (and falling as the USD and Euro approach parody lol) plus shipping. Batch one should be ready for shipment by the end of June. Demand for the mod on Pinside was through the roof and the initial production sold out in less than an hour. If demand continues to be strong, Stumblor may produce another batch in the future. Judging by the overwhelming initial response, I'd guess that another run will happen.

Here's a link to the Pinside thread on the product:

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