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Cool New Playing Piano Mod for Bally Twilight Zone Pinball Machine

I've been meaning to write about this cool new mod for a while now. Trent Kennedy has created a piano mod for Bally's super popular 1993 pinball machine Twilight Zone. The new piano for the game has keys that light up and actually move to the tune of the song for the game's piano mode.

"Key features include:

- Fully Reversible install.

- The Piano Mod uses existing lights on the playfield and the machine's power so there are no batteries that need to be changed.

- Circuitry and motors were sourced ensuring it withstands constant gameplay.

- It’s made with a 20% wood filament that gives the piano a more authentic look and feel.

- Installation is simplified with all parts preassembled, it simply needs to be installed and hooked up to the machine’s power to work. An installation video shows in detail how the Piano Mod should be installed."

Last I heard he had 8 of the first 30 unit batch of the piano mod left. Anyone who's interested can click on the link below to check it out.

Trent also made a Rocket Mod for Twilight Zone a while ago that is still available:

Below is a video that the YouTube page Pinball Shenanigans did on the mod:

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