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Current Multimorphic P3 Pinball Orders to Be Built Over Next 12 Months

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Multimorphic Pinball just sent out its estimated ship dates to purchasers of its new Weird Al Museum of National Hilarity pinball machine. Here’s the text of the message:

“Thank you again for ordering a P3. Recent interest, especially due to the launch of Weird Al's Museum of Natural Hilarity, exceeded our expectations, and new order requests continue to come in! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

We'll be ramping up production capacity within the next few months with the intention to build and ship all newly ordered P3 machines and game kits within 12 months...

We know that's still a few months away, and we're terribly sorry about that. If this falls too far outside of your expectations, please reply back in the next 24 hours and we can cancel your order and refund your deposit. Otherwise, we'll keep you apprised of any updates along the way, and we'll contact you again when your machine is on the production line to finalize the details of your order and to request payment for the remaining balance.

Thank you again for your patience.”

People on Pinside are trying to zero in on production dates by order number. Some believe that it looks like the first units of Weird Al‘s are scheduled for October. Order numbers higher than 100 are forecast to be in January and February of 2023. Some people are being told March production dates. If a clearer picture of delivery dates arises I will provide an update.

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