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Despite Earlier Statements to the Contrary, Disney Forced Jersey Jack Pinball to Use Toy Story 4

I was away at my son's first college Parents Weekend this weekend, so I've been catching up on the happenings in the hobby over the past couple of days. Last night, I watched the great stream that the Jersey Jack team did of the Company's newest game, Toy Story 4 on the Flip N Out Twitch Channel Friday night. Here's the first piece of interesting information that I have been able to extract from it...

At the 50 minute mark in the broadcast, Peter Dorn, Project Manager at Jersey Jack stated the following:

"Toy Story is a phenomenal license to have. Disney has the absolute right to tell us what to do with that game. So when we were directed to do Toy Story 4, that's what we had to do. With that license we didn't really have a choice."

In previous statements on the subject, it was strongly implied that the company had the ability to create the pinball machine around any of the Toy Story movies but chose to go with Toy Story 4. That definitely does not seem to be the case.

Here's a link to the Twitch broadcast with lots of great gameplay of Toy Story 4 for anyone who wants to check it out:

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