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Dutch Pinball Big Lebowski Production Continues at a Steady Pace

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Ever since it launched years ago, Dutch Pinball's Big Lebowski has been an absolutely amazing, yet very elusive game. To me, it has one of the best theme integrations in the industry right now, and it's a 3 level game, which is cool as heck. The problem with the game used to be production and whether you could actually get one. Well, Dutch Pinball has done an amazing job at correcting it's early issues and it seems to be really cranking out games right now.

Yesterday I paid a visit to Dutch's U.S. distributor, Cointaker, and they had Big Lebowski EA machines in house waiting to be shipped to original customers. It's great to see Dutch Pinball continuing to make early supporters whole.

And this morning the cool European Twitch streamer Loose Flip shared pictures of his recent tour of the Dutch factory. Look at all of those games in the works. Here's a few pics of the factory and a couple from Cointaker.

Speaking of which, I took a bunch of pictures at Cointaker's Super Awesome Tailgate Party yesterday that I will share as soon as I have a chance to go through them. I'm the meantime, here's the pics and links to Loose Flip's channels:

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