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Dutch Pinball Raises Price of The Big Lebowski

A note recently showed up on the on-line order form of the U.S. distributor for Dutch Pinball, Cointaker, that as of 2/22/2023 the price for The Big Lebowski pinball machine has increased by $500 to $13,500. This is the second price increase for the game over the past couple of years, with an earlier $500 bump in October of 2021.

Given how the cost of everything in the world has increased over the past several years, a 3.8% price increase on The Big Lebowski is not the end of the world, but it is something to be aware of. According to what I'm hearing, customers who ordered the game approximately one year ago are receiving their invoices today.

Any U.S. customers who want to order the machine, which in my humble opinion is one of the best games on the market, can do so on Cointaker's website:

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Joe B
Joe B
23 de fev. de 2023

Despite the amazing theme just another of many reasons I shouldn’t consider buying when funds are available for another purchase

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