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Dutch Pinball Exclusive Teases Upcoming Alice In Wonderland Pinball Machine; Dutch Adds new U.S. Distributors

This morning, Dutch Pinball's officially confirmed the first title from its new subsidiary Dutch Pinball Exlusive (DPX) will be based upon the paper pinball mockup that John Popadiuk created at his failed company Zidware, Alice in Wonderland (AIW).

Despite Popadiuk's inability to bring any games to market with Zidware, many people fell in love with the black and white art that renowned pinball artist Zombie Yeti created for the original mock-up. Melvin Brouwer-Williams took the game's original paper layout and created a playable game out of it.

DPX stated that it will reveal the game during the third quarter of this year.

Below is the test of Dutch Pinball's announcement and the photo that it shared with that as well as a few pictures of the first non-playable Zidware prototype game.

"It is with great pleasure and excitement that we officially announce our new title from DPX: “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”

For some time now, rumors have been circulating, but we can now confirm that this highly anticipated game is indeed “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Some may be familiar with the original concept design by John Popadiuk, initially named “Alice in Wonderland.”

This game has evolved from a paper concept into an extraordinary pinball machine. It features hand-sculpted playfield plastics, richly colored playfields, laser-finished ball guides, and a stunning interactive sculpted topper. We offer not just a pinball machine, but a piece of art for your home.

The game is designed and engineered by Melvin Brouwer-Williams.

More information will be revealed in the coming months. Join Alice on her wonderful adventures and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Stay tuned!

While we are not accepting orders or deposits at this time, you can contact your preferred distributor to be added to the waiting list."

For a flashback to when this rumor was first broken by Kaneda's Pinball Podcast in January and when DPX was originally announced, check out the articles below:

RUMOR: Some Manufacturer Will Launch a John Popadiuk-Designed Pinball Machine in 2024 - UPDATED

Dutch Pinball Teases New Brand & Upcoming Game

In other Dutch Pinball news, the Company announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with Great American Pinball to become its second U.S. distributor in addition to its existing distro Cointaker. In that announcement, Dutch stated that it has plans to add more distributors in the United States soon.

A picture of the underside of the playfield of the upcoming DPX Alice in Wonderland pinball machine that Dutch shared back in late March:

The original JPop Alice:

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Tainted Love! 😍


Super hyped about this as well as their other future rumored titles like Magic Girl etc. I am now also pumped I will now have a distributor nearby to boot!

Replying to

Yeah I'm really curious to see what Melvin and DPX come out with. More pinball machines and more stuff to talk about is always good with me :)

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