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Dutch Pinball Shares Sneak Peek at Animated Inner Art Blades for Big Lebowski

Overnight (at least in my part of the world) Dutch Pinball shared a sneak peek of a cool new animated inner art blades that the Company is working on for its Big Lebowski pinball machine. I've tried to insert the GIF that they shared on Pinside below. Let's see if this works.

These inner art blades are part of a whole line of new accessories that Dutch Pinball is introducing for Lebowski. A couple of months ago, Dutch announced its partnership for new sculpts and what appears to be an upcoming topper from Lior Rajwan and his Company The Art of Pinball.

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UGH! I JUST bought artblades last night!

Dang it all! Lol wish they’d give a heads up that stuff is coming. Thanks for the post!

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