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Dutch Pinball Targeting September ‘24 Reveal for Game #2

I listened to the Pinball News / Pinball Magazine monthly podcast this morning and learned some interesting information about Dutch Pinball. They spoke with Barry at Dutch Pinball and Barry told them that Dutch is currently shooting to officially announce its second game in September 2024, with machine production beginning in early 2025. That jibes with what Barry told me when we spoke a couple of weeks ago.

As we saw last week, Dutch is looking to hire additional employees to help build games. They are going to start working on Saturdays as well to help speed the production process along. Dutch is currently in the 140 range of Early Achiever Big Lebowski pinball machines produced.

Dutch Pinball Game 2 has been in the works for quite some time. I don't have any specifics on it, but I did speak with someone who has seen and played it and they were absolutely raving about the game without getting into any specifics. They basically said something like, you will be amazed...Dutch Pinball is the best in the business.

The picture that I used for this article was shared by the pinball distributor CoinTaker a couple of days ago. They now have Dutch Pinball LED signs for arcades for sale and in stock. I figured that it was appropriate.

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