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Eminem's Greatest Hits Box Set Looks Like an Entire Pinball Machine

People in the pinball world have been talking about the cover art for Eminem's new Greatest Hits album, Curtain Call 2, for a week or so because it looks like the backglass for a pinball machine. It is pretty neat, but the 2-CD Box Set for the album really puts it over the top for is designed to look like an entire pinball machine!

Interestingly, according to news articles that are out there, it does not appear as though the album art was well-received by many of the rapper's fans. Still, I wonder if this opens up the door for an Eminem pinball machine? I doubt it, but I personally think that would be really cool, provided it was based upon his entire collection of work and not just newer stuff. There's never been a rap pinball machine before. Someone needs to do a Rap pinball homebrew to show the manufacturers how awesome it could be :) . Below is a link to the Web store for the Box Set:

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19. Juli 2022

Very cool pinball tie-in. Wonder who artist was that designed the box and artwork. I enjoy listening to Eminem music, I like playing pinball…. now just need the pin made.

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