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Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Pictures & Video of the New Labyrinth Pinball Machine

Late yesterday, the fine folks at Wormhole Pinball were kind enough to reach out to me with new exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures and video from the recent photo shoot and upcoming Bowen Kerins tutorial for Barrels of Fun's Labyrinth pinball machine.

Check this out! Thanks so much to Wormhole for sharing this awesome stuff with all of us.

On a related note, I am now the proud owner of Labyrinth myself...the movie on Amazon Prime that is, not the game yet lol 🍿. I hadn't seen the movie since I was little, so my youngest son and I wanted to check it out last night. It was something like $3.99 to rent or $5.00 to buy, so I splurged and now have it forever :) . It's fantastic, nostalgic 80's cheese and we had a lot of fun watching it together.

For more information on Wormhole Pinball or Barrels of Fun Pinball's Labyrinth, click on the links below:

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Eric DeVault
Eric DeVault
Oct 15, 2023

You remind me of the babe


Why does the main pic of Bowie as the Goblin King look more like Bruce Willis dressed as Jareth for Halloween?

The knobs look cool, but that enlarged neck and jawline seems like a strange choice.


Pinball Party
Pinball Party
Oct 14, 2023

Haha that last pic is mint

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