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Exclusive Never Before Seen Deeproot Pinball Videos & Pictures

The Pinball Network's award-winning podcast "The Pinball Show" recently published an outstanding interview with the Pinside user who goes by the name of blueberryjohnson that contains TONS of fascinating information about the rise and fall of Deeproot Pinball. Blueberryjohnson has been following everything related to the Deeproot saga very closely for months and has been sharing his findings up on Pinside in the "deeproot Pinball thread." In collaboration with The Pinball Show and blueberryjohnson, I am sharing all of the accompanying videos and pictures, some of which have never been seen by the public before to the best of my knowledge, here on my site. These pics and vids definitely will be best viewed in conjunction with listening to the interview (see the link below).

Here's a link to Part 1 of The Pinball Show interview with blueberryjohnson:

Here's a link to the Pinside discussion:

Honestly, the stuff below is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the Deeproot information that blueberryjohnson has. These were the low-hanging fruit for me in terms of things that I could get up here on the site fairly quickly. This whole situation came together very fast and I wanted to get something up on the site close to the debut of the episode as possible. Stay tuned for more. Enjoy!

Cabinet Service Mech - Early Prototype


Pinball RGB LEDs

PnP Machine

CNC Style Routing out Playfield

Cycle Testing Reliability

Black Hole 2 Prototype Pictures

Fire & Brimstone Prototype Pictures

Food Truck Prototype Pictures

Gladiator Prototype Pictures

Machine Age Prototype Pictures

Magic Girl Pictures

Yukon Yeti Prototype Pictures

The Who Prototype Pictures

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland Prototype Pictures

Random Interesting Pictures

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Gothenburg Pinball
Gothenburg Pinball
Apr 21, 2022

The opening car-style-hood-opening is actually pretty much the same I have been thinking round the accessible cabinet, so you can manage to get stuck balls in to play, even if you are using a wheelchair.

The fold out thingamajig looks like a good idea, but way to weak. I mean, with all mechs, toys, ramps, coils, wire it becomes heavy. And probably if it was dimensioned to work it would become one expensive mechanism. As it looked now it was more av Trabant and less of Mercedes.

Very nice material you posted, I am in my learing phase so this was most valued material for me personally.


Tim Crowley
Tim Crowley
Apr 18, 2022

I really would love to know what made BlueberryJohnson decide to devote so much of his time on this. Was it really just because he thought Robert Mueller was arrogant?


Chris Kooluris
Chris Kooluris
Apr 18, 2022

Watching Robert try to shove the playfield back in was priceless. Thanks for sharing these.


Apr 18, 2022

Thanks for sharing these. I'm not proud of this but I started laughing manically when I saw that cabinet service mech video and just the expression of frustration when it didn't go back in properly, I had to stop it and catch my breath as I started wheezing.

And what is the deal with that captive ball device in the playtime video? It reminds me of Skylab except three lanes for balls instead of two. That wasn't a particularly fun game either, come to think of it...

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