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Fight Club Homebrew Pinball Machine Makes First Public Appearance at Northwest Show

The first rule of Fight Club Pinball is you DO NOT talk about Fight Club Pinball...Well I'm breaking that rule I guess :) . I've enjoyed following the progress of this awesome project on Pinside for a couple of years now. A gentleman named M. Becker has been building a sweet-looking homebrew pinball machine based upon the 1999 Brad Pit and Edward Norton classic movie Fight Club.

After spending countless hours working on the machine, he has made a tremendous amount of progress on it over the years. Fight Club Pinball s now available for the public to check out and play at this weekend's Northwest Pinball and Arcade show. The game, which uses the increasingly-popular FAST boards, certainly isn't complete, but it's coming along great. Here's a bunch of pictures and video of it. If you got a chance to play it, let us know what you thought.

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