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First Bitronic Super Hoop Pinball Machine Unboxing Video Reveals Unique Head Design

The Spanish manufacturer Bitronic has started shipping the first units of its new Super Hoop pinball machine to customers. Earlier today, the YouTube channel "RETROCENGO" shared an unboxing video of one of the first new Bitronic Super Hoop pinball machines to ship. The video is short, less than three minutes long, but it gives a good idea of what the production version of the game looks like and how it looks when it is shipped from the factory.

In the video, I found the head design of the cabinet to be particularly interesting, both in terms of the locking mechanism in the back and how the entire front face is hinged, unlike most other manufacturers' games where the entire front glass and translite need to be removed to access the inside.

For what this game costs, it looks really neat to me. We'll see what the quality and gameplay are like as more machines are delivered. In Europe, one can order a Super Hoop directly from Bitronic for 4,650 Euros. That translates to $4,947 U.S. dollars at the current exchange rate. The problem is though that a 976.50 Euro VAT (Value Added Tax) is added to that at checkout, bringing the total price to around $5,985 USD.

I don't believe that Bitronic ships games directly to the United States. Last I heard, it was working on an arrangement with suppliers to ship games to the U.S. I will provide an update on that when I hear more.

Below is a link to the video, some screen grabs of questionable quality lol and links to the YouTube channel and Bitronic's website...

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