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First Details of Next Stern Keith Elwin Game; New Special Modes are Coming to Stern Pinball Godzilla

The always awesome LoserKid Pinball Podcast's latest episode contained an interview with frequent guest, the pinball G.O.A.T Keith Elwin. Early on during the interview Keith stated that his Godzilla pinball machine is going to receive two of those special hold-in-the-flipper-buttons-to-start modes that everyone loves on Stern's Jurassic Park and Avengers Infinity Quest. The first special mode, which will likely be implemented soon, will be the ability to go straight to the game's Terror of Mecha Godzilla flip-counting multiball.

A second special mode for Godzilla has been planned since the beginning of the game's design, but it likely won't be implemented in the game's code until later in the year.

Another interesting tidbit from the interview was that around a year ago when the James Bond license holder informed Stern that they wanted a special throwback pinball machine that encompassed all of the Bond actors, Keith volunteered for the game because he knew that it would be a while before his next game came out. That jibes with what we have heard about Stern's 2023 releases previously, that it will only release two cornerstones games, one from Brian Eddy and one from Jack Danger. Look for Keith Elwin's next Stern Pinball cornerstone to be in 2024.

Since there's no cornerstone game from Elwin in 2023, he has been using the time to refine his next game. He's already redesigned two or three shots on it because he has had the time to do so. Plus the code for the next Elwin game will be much more complete at launch than the code was for Godzilla and Avengers.

Speaking of Elwin's 2024 Stern cornerstone game, according to the man himself it will have two full-size flippers and two other flippers, four total. Three of the flippers are on the same side of the game.

Make sure to check out the great LoserKid interview with Keith Elwin in its entirety by clicking on the link below. It's a great listen! (I updated the link to the most recent interview)

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