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First Ever Third Party Pinball Module Launches for Multimorphic P3

This afternoon Multimorphic announced the launch of the first ever third party full module for its P3 pinball platform. The new game, titled "Drained" was created by For Amusement Games and Nicholas Baldridge. The WM-inspired Drained features a physical knocker and bell that are integrated into play, a gobble hole, orbits, drop targets, virtual targets, hand-drawn art and more.

Here's the game's backstory:

Two friends are walking in a park, when they stumble upon a castle. They enter, and discover a casket on a pedastal. Inside, a vampire sleeps! Undaunted, these friends decide to become vampire hunters and put an end to the vampiric menace... if it can be called that. Find tools to help slay the vampire, but be warned - all intruders will end up DRAINED.

This game kit costs $3,500, and includes a playfield module, side target covers, magnetic apron, and left and right side cabinet and head artwork.

The official reveal stream will be on Monday, November 28th by Buffalo Pinball (

For more information or to order visit

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