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First Ever Video of American Pinball Galactic Tank Force, Pulp Fiction & More

Day one of the Texas Pinball Festival is about to get underway. The tournaments have already begun. Doors to the main floor open to the public at 5:00 PM Central. Things kick off with a seminar from American Pinball. An hour later, Jersey Jack Pinball is conducting their seminar.

Earlier today Cary Hardy streamed the first ever unboxing of the Limited Edition of American Pinball's new Galactic Tank Force pinball machine live on YouTube. Below is that video as well as short Play Mechanix / Chicago Gaming Company Pulp Fiction and American Pinball Galactic Tank Force gameplay videos that the well-known UK pinball collector Neil McRae uploaded to YouTube this afternoon.

As an added bonus, I have compiled a collection of pictures of Day 1 of TPF that were shared by various manufacturers, distributors and the TPF social media pages.

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