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First Gameplay Video of Pedretti Gaming FunHouse Remake

Updated: May 19

I mentioned last night that two Pedretti Gaming’s FunHouse Remake are available for the public to play at this weekend’s Golden State Pinball Festival in Lodi, California. Sure enough, as usually happens when new games make their first public appearance, pictures and video videos of machines and gameplay are beginning to pop up on the Internet.

The pictures of FunHouse Remake Linited Edition are courtesy of user “gaspumpproblems” on Pinside and the brief video was up on YouTube.

So what does everyone think about the game so far? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

While we are on the subject of FunHouse, a number of people have asked me if I thought that the fact that Pedretti Gaming is remaking it in conjunction with Planetary Pinball would make parts for original FunHouses more readily available. Judging by this recent Planetary social media post, I’d say yes. Man that head looks creepy lol.

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That guy is about as interesting to watch play as paint drying. Games looked OK, but wasn't impressed enough to drop that kind of money on a remake with iffy code.


Looks beautiful and has great curb appeal!

Backglass head is a little creepy though.


Walt Wood
Walt Wood
May 18

I don't know man, it's weird seeing Rudy get hit with the ball and not go "OWWWW!" why they gotta change the classics?? 🤣


This does look nice, but I noticed Pedretti is using the same wireform rails they used in Alien. They are thinner gauge and the welds can break pretty easily.

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