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First Look at Homepin's This is Spinal Tap Pinball. Games are in Final Testing.

Earlier this week, the Homepin Factory's Facebook page shared a super closeup image of the tag for its first unit of This is Spinal Tap pinball. Super early this morning (here not in Austria I guess lol), the Austrian pinball distributor RS-Pinball GmbH a link to its pre-order website for the game, which includes what appears to be what I believe is the first ever picture of the game's cabinet and art.

According to the distributor Homepin is conducting CE testing with the first Spinal Tap pinball machine and will shipping the game out soon. The first batch of games is supposedly slated to Europe. I was able to find out a little more information on the game's features, including the fact that the game has "an exploding drummer" and a 27" monitor in the backbox AND a DMD.

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Harry Reimer
Harry Reimer

A piece of plywood, a stick and a rubber ball would be better than Thunderbirds.... so its all looking up for Homepin.... certainly could be worse... or could it??

Nigel Baldwin
Nigel Baldwin

I really hope they get this right because I loved the Spinal Tap movies!

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