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First Production Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine Rolls off the Line At Chicago Gaming Company

Last week, the first official Pulp Fiction pinball machine with 100% production parts rolled off the assembly line at Chicago Gaming Company. The first full production machine aka the "Golden Sample" is an important step towards mass production because it is the sample which all other production units will be based upon.

The launch of full production for Pulp Fiction was delayed past the initially stated production estimate of Q3 because Play Mechanix wanted to address several minor design issues during pinball show and location testing that they wanted to fully iron out prior to shipping games to customers.

Chicago Gaming Company can now green light all of the parts that are necessary for the Pulp Fiction production run. There is a lead time between when these parts are approved and when they begin to arrive at the factory. Once they arrive, full production of the game can begin.

It sounds as though Pulp Fiction will be produced at CGC in tandem with the remaining Cactus Canyon orders. There's been some talk that the current Cactus Canyon machines that are on the line are being shipped to Europe, but I don't definitively know that to be the case. There has been a lot of rumors swirling out there about CGC lately.

I can't wait for Pulp Fiction machines to begin showing up at arcades outside of the Chicago area!

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