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First Production Unit of the Alien Pinball Lit Apron Mod Has Arrived

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

The hundred or so people who are on the waiting list for a new fancy aftermarket LED apron mod for Pinball Brothers' Alien pinball machine are about to be very happy. The first official production unit of the apron is complete. The individuals who are producing the mod are waiting for the next ten production units of the mod to arrive. They will double and triple check them and then send out invoices to customers. After that production of the aprons should speed up dramatically.

The apron now costs $750. The apron with properly sized and color beacons is $999. I believe that interested customers can still get on the list by contacting the makers in the Pinside thread linked below.

Here's a couple of YouTube videos of the upgraded apron in action, one of them on an amazingly tricked out machine.


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