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First Run of Haggis Pinball Fathom Remake Machines to Enter Final Testing Next Week

Last week, Haggis Pinball delivered a much anticipated update video on its new Fathom Remake pinball machine. At the time, some people were concerned that no specific timeframe on when games would ship was provided. Scuttlebutt on Pinside (I just wanted to use that word) says that the first batch of Fathom machines will be completed within the next week and then they will head to final testing. Machines should begin to trickle out of the Haggis Factory in April. The company will slowly ramp-up production from there as the supply chain allows. Again, this is all just hearsay, but I'm usually pretty good at detecting what's real and what's not and this seems real to me.

If true, this is very exciting news. I've been rooting for Damian and his team to succeed, and it appears as though they're getting games out much sooner than many expected. I can't wait to see more streams of this game and hopefully one or two on location.

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