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For Amusement Only Games Has Two New Games Coming for the Multimorphic P3 Platform

The list of games for the Multimorphic P3 pinball platform continues to grow. This week saw the first shipments of Scott Danesi's new Final Resistance module for the system. This morning Nick Baldridge of For Amusement Only games announced that he has two new games in the works for the P3.

The first is a new downloadable minigame that works in conjunction with his previously released Drained module for the P3 system. Nick stated that he hopes to release this new downloadable game sometime in Q3 2023.

In addition to the minigame, For Amusement only currently has a "wildly ambitious" game in pre-production. Nick has been heavily involved in the artwork approval process for various aspects of his next full P3 module. More updates to come on these projects.

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