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Next 3 American Pinball Games are Original Themes; Next Reveal Feb; Franchi Art on Next Spooky

Happy Friday everyone! I have a couple of news items to entertain us this morning. First off, last night Spooky Pinball's Bug did his weekly Scream 'N Stream Twitch pinball stream and Q&A session. You gotta love the transparency and interaction that the Spooky Pinball folks have with the community.

My main takeaway from the Stream of Bug's new 1994 Gottlieb Nightmare on Elm Street pinball machine is that renowned artist Christopher Franchi is doing the art on an upcoming Spooky game, probably its next game. I've definitely picked up on clues that this was happening over the past several weeks, but apparently I hadn't mentioned it here yet (I got the hint and no I don't hate you Christopher lol).

Also of note from the stream, Spooky gave away a prototype part from its upcoming game to a viewer. Alas, they didn't actually show the part on the random winner please, please share pictures of the part with all of us so that we can speculate on what the theme is 😂 .

Speaking of Spooky Pinball, yesterday Spooky Luke shared a cool picture of an early prototype cabinet and whitewood playfield for the Company's current game, Scooby-Doo (see below). I love all these behind-the-scenes looks at the company that Luke has been sharing.

Also yesterday the Twitch streamers HUP Challenge did a brand new stream of Barrels of Fun's Labyrinth pinball machine on location at the Kickback Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. I was at Kickback two weeks ago so I just missed the game's arrival (Rats!), but you can go check it out now if you're in the get over there and pump some quarters into this awesome new game.

Here's a link to the stream:

Earlier this week I tried to write an article about an appearance by Retro Arcade Remake's prototype 4-player Atari Warlords cocktail machine at the recent IAAPA amusement industry trade show but my site's host Wix wasn't cooperating that day, so I'll mention it now.

After some initial production issues, Retro Arcade Remake seems to be getting its Taito Ice Cold Beer machines out to customers. Hopefully they've ironed everything out with that design and can move onto making the Warlords cocktails. I'd love to be able to sit down with friends at an arcade bar and play a few rounds of that awesome game in the future. Below are pictures and video of the machine from IAAPA, courtesy of someone in the AtariAge Facebook Group.

While I was in the AtariAge Group looking at this Warlords post, I noticed that Atari's brand new 2600+ retro console has begun shipping. Tons of people have been sharing their thoughts on the remake of the iconic console there. Generally speaking, the early reviews seem positive. It retails on Atari's website or on sites like Amazon for $129.99. Below is a link to a review of the condole by CNN:

Also coming out of IAAPA, this morning I came across a YouTube video interview with Steve Cummins, new Sales and Logistics associate for American Pinball courtesy of 904 Pinball Zine. I learned a number of new things from it, including:

  • Galactic Tank Force Limited and Signature Edition games and Houdini are currently on the line at AP

  • AP has made 50 of a 200 unit Houdini run so far

  • American will run more GTF Deluxe models after it's done with the above

  • They have a new game coming out "in the first quarter of next year" most likely late January or February

  • A prototype machine of AP's next pinball machine was shipped out last week to the sound designer to add music to the game

  • Most other aspects of the games's design are almost finished in development

  • American Pinball's next three games are original themes

  • American Pinball sold out of Legenda of Valhalla Limited Edition machines. It will not make any more Limiteds, but it may make more Classic Valhallas but that might not happen until 2025

  • GTF Deluxe machines ordered now probably won't be produced until the middle of next year. The Company gets 50 calls a week looking for the Deluxe version. The Limited & Signature versions are in stock now

  • AP has stock of Hot Wheels

Whew, when I started writing this article I didn't think that much was going on today. Then I kept finding more and more interesting stuff.

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