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French Company HEXA Pinball Shares Another Peek of Its Soon to Be Revealed Game Space Hunt

This afternoon the new French company HEXA Pinball shared a sneak peek at the cabinet side are for its soon to be revealed pinball machine "Space Hunt." This side of the cabinet shows a picture of a character in the game called "Cerberus," one of the antagonists for the game's protagonist "Spherus."

As I mentioned in my previous article on the company, the game will be shown off on June 10th and 11th at the French Pinball Show at the Salon de Pontacq.


Here here here a little new one again


Here's another little new one

This week we reveal the existence of a brand new character called Cerberus

The only thing we can tell you so far is that it will be a strong opponent for Spherus, which we no longer need to introduce you

TIC...TAC...TIC...TAC, the hunt will soon be able to begin

And don't forget friends... See you on June 10th & 11th at the "Salon de Pontacq" to discover the Space Hunt, the very first HEXA PINBALL pinball machine !

---- HEXA Pinball Manufacturer of French Pinball

The hunt is coming soon ...

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And below is the teaser picture of the playfield that I shared in my last article:

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