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Gary Stern: Stern Pinball Will “Have Some Surprises” at Pinball Expo

There's just a constant flow of amazing pinball news now heading into this week's Chicago Pinball Expo. It's tough to keep up with all of it lol.

I'm sitting here eating breakfast before my son's lacrosse game listening to a recent WGN Radio interview with Stern Pinball's founder Gary Stern. In it he talks about Stern's booth at Expo and all the games they will have there. At the end of the list of games that he rattles off he said:

"We'll have some surprises at the show also"

Ooh, I wonder what that is? Here's a couple of possibilities...

Stern probably will show off its new 500 unit black & white "Blood Red Kiss Edition" of its Elvira's House of Horrors pinball machine. Other possibilities include either the official Foo Fighters topper with a moving head on top or the Venomized Ghost Rider Venom topper, or both or neither lol.

I wonder if Stern has any other surprises up its sleeve for all of us beyond any of those? I sure hope so, I love talking about this stuff!

Pinball wizard Gary Stern of Stern Pinball: Pinball Expo, manufacturing expansion, Venom, Foo Fighters, Stern Pro Circuit

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