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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Stern Pinball launched a code update this morning that makes the "Goat Mania" multiball mode in its Jurassic Park pinball machines, that was previously only available to customers who purchased an expensive topper, also available to owners of games that have Insider Connected. At first I thought that this update was available to everyone, but it looks like games have to have IC to activate the mode. Insider Connected games without toppers can now achieve Goat Mania on their 5th Super Supply Drop. That's not ideal, but $199 for an Insider Connected kit sure is better than paying a grand for a JP topper on the aftermarket to access the mode.

I'll probably pick a kit up for my game when they are finally available to the general public to purchase. Rumor has it that the kits won't ship to non-operators until Spring 2022 at the earliest.

Thanks to Ted Brothers and his YouTube channel, who I borrowed this awesome goat graphic from

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