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Haggis Pinball - Fathom Remake Unboxing - First Delivery in Australia

I've got a busy work day ahead of me, but I wanted to take a quick second to share an amazing video that my Australian friend Alex Moss sent over to me earlier this morning. If you recall, a couple of weeks ago Alex shared pictures of his delivery of the first ever Haggis Pinball Mermaid Edition pinball machine with us:

Unboxing of the First Haggis Fathom Revisited Mermaid Edition Pinball Machine

He has put together a cool video of the delivery and unboxing of the game. It was a little delayed because he was in the midst of a major move. Holy Cow, what an absolutely gorgeous game! Not only is the game amazing, but this is one of the coolest unboxing videos that I've ever seen. You can tell that Alex was once a professional video editor. Kudos to him. Here you go everyone:

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