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Haggis Pinball Fathom Revisited Production Update; Next Game is New Remake; New Classic Upgrade Kit

About eight hours ago the Australian pinball manufacturer Haggis Pinball, manufacturer of the games Celts and Fathom Revisited, shared an unexpected video update on the Company. I'm just waking up here and getting ready for a youth soccer game in the rain, so I almost missed it :). Fear not, I have embedded it below. Here are the highlights:

  • Haggis is on track to finish building all of its ordered Fathom Revisited machines, including the Classic edition units, by the end of 2023.

  • Following the completion of Fathom, Haggis will do another run of Celts games.

  • Haggis will start production of its next game at the start of 2024.

  • They will announce the next title somewhere around the middle of the year.

  • The next game is another remake from the same era as Fathom.

  • Haggis revealed that a new Classic Plus Edition upgrade kit for Fathom Classic machines.

  • Available for sale on Haggis' website now for $992 USD, the Fathom upgrade kit includes the new 2.0 code, the replacement apron with LCDs, new four color seven segment RGB displays for the backbox and the upgraded sound system.

  • The Fathom Classic Plus upgrade will only be available for sale for the next two weeks.

  • Haggis expanded its "Series Ticket" program, which allows customers to put down deposits on the next four of five total classic pinball remakes (Fathom Revisited was #1). The ticket comes with perks and moves customers to the front of the line for their games.

Whew, I started writing the bullet point list of news items in real time while watching the video. I didn't expect it to be that long. That should have been written in paragraph form. Oh well, gotta' run to youth sports. So there you have it. A TON of new Haggis Pinball news for your Sunday enjoyment.

Fathom Classic - 2.0 Upgrade

"The Fathom Classic 2.0 Upgrade will add additional functionality and features to your existing Fathom Classic Pinball Machine.

The upgrade includes the ability to choose between the original rules or the completely new 2.0 ruleset, two in-apron LCD screens, RGB 7 Segment displays in the backbox, and an upgraded 5-speaker audio system.

To purchase this upgrade, you will already need to have a Fathom Classic Edition game on order with us, and we will factory-fit all the additional items at the time of manufacture."

Haggis Classics Series Ticket - Deposit

"* The price listed for this product is the deposit only (non-refundable). The total price is $6,000 AUD plus taxes where applicable. (GST of 10% is applicable within Australia) and will be invoiced separately*

Our Series Ticket has been designed to allow you to lock away the remaining four titles in the current Bally Classics series with matching game numbers, an additional "Series Plaque Number", additional exclusive merchandise only available to Series Ticket Holders, and priority build. To secure a Series Ticket, you must place a non-refundable deposit of AUD $1,500 for each remaining game ($6,000 AUD in total)."

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I put a deposit down over 2 years ago and haggis has not contacted me once. Is this company folding, going bankrupt, stealing people's money, or just the absolute most horrible customer service in the entire world. My deposit was for game #385. All my emails get returned. But the were very happy to take my 1k deposit. Again radio silence for over 3 years. Buyers beware.

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