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Haggis Pinball on Track to Begin Centaur Revisited Production in December 2023

This morning Haggis Pinball sent out an e-mail update to customers who have placed an order for its next game Centaur Revisited. The Company is in the process of finalizing its last run of Fathom Revisited machines. On a related note, I just saw a shipment of which arrive in Austria at RS-Pinball this morning (see below). I digress. Haggis stated in its letter that Centaur production is "on target to commence in December 2023 with shipping to commence in Q1 2024.

Haggis is going to send invoices to customers who have pre-ordered Centaur and are scheduled to receive one of the first batch of production games balance invoices during the first week of December. The first machines shipped will be for Haggis Series Ticket customers who ordered an "Orblivion Edition" Centaur. The next games will be for Series Ticket Beast edition customers.

Customers will have the option to pay for air freight or wait for container shipping delivery. Haggis anticipates having containers headed for Planetary Pinball in Nevada leave its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia every two months.

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This obviously did not happen. There are quite a few Fathom customers that paid in full during 2023 and are still waiting for their games to be built.

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