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Haggis Pinball Reiterates that Fathom Revisited Production Will Be Complete By End of Year

Overnight the Australian pinball manufacturer of Fathom Revisited, Celts and soon Centaur Revisited shared a production update, that featured several Fathoms being built in the background.

Haggis' founder Damian stated that Haggis hit all of its August production targets and is on target to hit its previously stated goal of finishing production of Fathom Revisited before the end of the year.

Production of Haggis' next game Centaur Revisited is slated to begin at the beginning of 2024. The Company does still have some "Beast Edition" games in its slated production run available for people who are interested in ordering one.

Haggis is bringing two prototype Centaur Revisited machines to the upcoming Australian pinball show Pinfest, which takes place in Newcastle from September 16th through the 17th. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that this will be the first opportunity for the public to see the new Centaur games in person.

Haggis Update Video:

Newcastle Pinfest Website:

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