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Haggis Pinball Sends Update to Customers; Says It Needs to “Slow Production Activities, Recapitalize”

Updated: Feb 16

I have some breaking news on Haggis Pinball this evening, the Australian manufacturer of Fathom Revisited, Celts and hopefully eventually Centaur Revisited just sent out an e-mail update to customers who have ordered games.

The text of the message is below. In short, Haggis' super slow production of games is going to get even slower as the company has decided to:

"slow down production, recapitalize, and refocus our procurement strategies and partner offerings"

Haggis has missed its recently self-imposed end of 2023 goal for building all of the remaining ordered Fathom Revisited games. They claim to still be manufacturing machines, which I assume are the remaining Fathom orders. There was no word on when they will be complete and Centaur Revisited production will begin.

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Rob Rath
Rob Rath
Feb 17

Damien and the team are stand up people and it’s not fair to accuse them of a Ponzi scheme - pinball would be a horrible industry to try such a thing. It’s seems to me they are working to be open and honest about their issues and that’s to be commended. Anyone who put down money on a Centaur surely knew they were taking a risk. I hope it works out for everyone and Haggis can overcome this hurdle and keep building.


Smells really fishy... Seems they are running on fumes and used the last drop of money that buyers put as a deposit. Looks more and more like a ponzi scheme gone wrong to me 😒

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