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Haggis Pinball Ships First Batch of Fathom Revisited Machines to Europe

Great news for people who have pre-ordered Haggis Pinball's beautiful Fathom Revisited machine, the company continues to crank games out at a steady pace. I've personally seen a number of them delivered in the United States over the past month, including the one that I got to play at the Cointaker Super Awesome Pinball Party a couple of weeks ago.

This morning the Austrian distributor RS-Pinball shared pictures of the first batch of new Fathoms headed to Europe. This is fantastic news! Despite all of the naysayers and the headwinds from the largest supply chain disruptions of our lifetimes, Haggis has been quietly getting games out. If they're able to make all of the ordered Fathoms, demand for Remake number 2, will be through the roof. I wonder which Bally game they would make next? There's been a lot of chatter about Centaur.

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