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Haggis Pinball Update: Fathom Production Status, New Game Announcement

Starting a successful pinball company from scratch is nearly impossible. Keeping that company going when launching a new game into the teeth of the pandemic-induced largest global supply chain snarl the world has ever seen is even tougher, but Damian and now Marty of Haggis Pinball have done it. The duo have kept their word, slowly and consistently cranking out units of Haggis Pinball's gorgeous second game, Fathom Revisited, over the past year.

Our on-location correspondent Jason Young caught up with Haggis this morning at the Texas Pinball Festival. They were kind enough to provide us with some new information to share here. First and foremost, Haggis is on track to finish the remainder of its run of Fathom Revisited by the end of 2023.

Haggis currently is aiming to announce its third pinball machine title at the upcoming Brisbane [Australia] Pinball and Arcade Show, which is scheduled to take place from July 14th through the 23rd. No one knows for sure what Haggis' third pinball machine will be, but rumors include a second Bally remake with the leading candidate being the iconic Bally Class of 1981 game Centaur or a Martin-designed game rumored to be the H.G. Wells classic War of the Worlds. The latter is now in the public domain, meaning that it's a famous intellectual property that everyone in the world knows, yet it is completely license-free. Brilliant.

Either of those two potential themes for Haggis' next game would be absolutely amazing. I've been rooting for this company since the beginning and I'm happy that they got out there and attended the Texas Pinball Festival. It sounds like things are heading in the right direction for this Australian pinball manufacturer.

Thanks to Jason for the great real-time pictures and information and pictures from TPF. I couldn't have done this article without him, as I'm headed to my youngest son's lacrosse game in ten minutes. Have a great weekend playing pinball or at the amazing Texas Pinball Festival everyone! Below are links to the Brisbane Pinball and Arcade Show and the Texas Pinball Festival websites. Both are awesome events, so get on over there (just not to BNEPAC yet because that's not until this summer lol).

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Donald Hopkins
Donald Hopkins
01 avr. 2023

haggis will not come out with another game. - Zoltar

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