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Haggis Pinball Update?; Pedretti Gaming Begins Shipping FunHouse Remake; New John Wick Contracts; Ninja Eclipse on Location

Yesterday, Pedretti Gaming shared an update on its Facebook page, showing its new FunHouse Remake being shipped to customers. We have seen them ship machines already, but I believe that those games were distributor showroom machines.

This particular batch of games appears to be headed to a distributor in Switzerland. It contains both Classic Edition and Limited Edition machines.


Also yesterday, Stern Pinball officially launched its new contract badges for its newest game, John Wick.

Players who own or find a John Wick game on location will be able to earn special badges on “Open” contracts by hitting certain goals in the game. Additional “Limited” contracts will be available for consumers through push alerts via the Stern Insider Connected app. These special contracts will be limited to a specific number of players, such as the first 200 for example, and will disappear once the quota is filled.


Starting this weekend, Turner Pinball’s upcoming game Ninja Eclipse will now be available for the public to play at the Free Play Arlington arcade in Texas. The machine will even be featured as a game in the Southwest Regional Pin-Masters Tournament.

I wonder if that event is going to be live-streamed? I would be very curious to see Ninja Eclipse in a tourney.


I recently read an unofficial update on Haggis Pinball written on Facebook written by an unaffiliated Australian who lives near the Company’s factory.

I personally find this information to be credible and it’s a lot more than we’re getting from the Company directly, but it’s up to you whether to believe it.

Haggis supposedly has been working with two to three people building one to two games per week trying to build machines that were paid for in full over a year ago.

They promised a distributor that they would build the seven games that they owed them in four weeks. Only four of those games were built. Parts delays have slowed the building of the remaining three games for that distro, going on four weeks now.

Supposedly this distributor has already refunded the money that was paid by customers for these games, so they will be available for sale.

Again, I personally believe this information, but whether you do is completely up to you. After Haggis finally completes these seven machines, I have no idea whether they have the parts, funds or desire to continue to trickle out games at a pace of one or so per week.

Officially, Haggis Pinball continues to have terrible communication with the public. Customers who have ordered games ages ago through distributions are starting to get very antsy, and rightfully so.

Below are pictures of what I believe are the four machines that I mentioned above in boxes.


Last up, after a myriad of delays, the New Wave Toys Replicade Zoltar that I ordered last year supposedly has been perfected and has arrived at the company’s US warehouse. I’ll share pictures and a review of it with everyone when my unit finally arrives.

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Been anxiously awaiting my Zoltar as well but glad they spent the time to gwt it right before they shipped it

Jun 29
Replying to

Absolutely. I agree 100%. I’d much rather have it be late and working than on time and messed up lol.


Joe B
Joe B
Jun 29

I feel your pain JK. I ordered Zoltan as well. Long time coming.

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