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HIDDEN ARCADE: Mom’s Organic Market - Roslyn, PA (August 2021)

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Some people are aware that there is a grocery store in College Park, Maryland that contains a hidden pinball arcade, but most people don’t know that Mom’s recently opened a second grocery store arcade in Pennsylvania. Check this place out!

My son and I were in town visiting my brother for the weekend so we decided to stop by this second hidden Grocery-Cade. Man oh man, it did not disappoint. We spent a couple of hours there and we were the only people playing games the entire time. We had the whole place to ourselves. The games were immaculate. Someone was literally cleaning them when we walked in. All of them were working but one, which is no small feat. And check out this lineup:

Aerosmith (Pro) Stern, 2017

Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

Chicago Gaming Co., 2017

Comet Williams, 1985

Dr. Dude Bally, 1990

Game of Thrones Premium Stern, 2015

Genie Gottlieb, 1979

Ghostbusters Premium Stern, 2016

Houdini American Pinball, 2017

Independence Day Sega, 1996

Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition) Stern, 2014

Riverboat Gambler Williams, 1990

Star Trek (Pro) Stern, 2013

Taxi Williams

Wizard of Oz 75th anniversary edition Jersey Jack, 2014

World Cup Soccer Bally, 1994

Whew. That’s one impressive row. All of the games were set to $0.50/play. We spent the bulk of our time playing Independence Day, since you almost never see it on location, and Riverboat Gambler, since I didn’t have a Pindigo score for it yet. I managed to put up High Score #2 on Riverboat. Once we had our fill of those we spread out our play pretty evenly amongst the rest.

In addition to the pins, the location has four arcade machines and a Crazy Taxi driver. My son and I played some Joust. I managed to put up High Score #4 on Joust. Man the whole people jousting on the backs of flying ostriches concept of that game is so amazing.

The pinball room at Mom’s seems to keep the same hours as the grocery store itself, which is super convenient. Man how I wish I lived near this. I’d go by there all the time. It appears as though a pinball league has started holding tournaments at Mom’s too.

This is the sort of arcade that it’s worth going out of your way for. If you live on the East Coast, this would make a great destination to visit along with say The Pinball Gallery and maybe Crabtowne. That would be a heck of a weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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