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Hidden Arcades Post 8: An Arcade in an Antiques Shop The Retro (December 2018)

For the second time this year, I’m reviewing a hidden arcade that there’s no way anyone would find the if they weren’t looking specifically for it. Today I bring you pictures of “The Retro” in Millington, Tennessee.

Pinball Map includes The Retro in its Memphis section, but to say that it’s actually in Memphis is a bit of a stretch. My family and I are staying at my parents’ house in Germantown, TN for the holidays. The Retro is a good 40 minute drive from there, which isn’t exactly close.

If you plug The Retro into navigation, it brings you to a building that says “Midsouth Marketplace - Antiquities and Collectibles.” There is no mention of arcade or pinball machines outside or inside of the building, but if you wander to the back of this cool antique store sure enough there is a hidden arcade oasis.

The Retro charges fifty cents per play for its solid fourteen pin lineup. The location also has a few classic arcade machines, like Donkey Kong, PAC-Man, Area 51, and more, a bunch of drivers, pool, air hockey, hoops, etc...

All of the machines but one were in solid working order, though the coin mechs were a little wonky on a number of them. The DMD was out on Stern Striker Extreme rendering it unplayable.

The pinball lineup was tilted towards classics and 90s games, interestingly with a large number of Data East pins. The Retro did not have any newer pins in its lineup, but it didn’t matter to me. In my mind almost all pinball game s good pinball. No pin snob here 🙂

Today, my son’s and I played Jurassic Park and Genie the most. Man, I love Genie. I would seriously consider getting one if it went up for sale locally.

My sons, wife, parents and I had a fun afternoon playing in the arcade, which we had entirely to ourselves the majority of the time. It was far, so I wouldn’t want to go there all the time, but the trip was worthwhile. For pinball action closer to Memphis itself, you’re probably better off checking out the games at Memphis Made Brewing or the awesome-looking Yopp’s Pub, which is scheduled to open sometime in 2019.

Here’s The Retro’s pinball lineup:

Bally Night Rider

Stern Electronics Stars

Gottlieb Genie

Stern Striker Extreme (broken)

Data East Jurassic Park

Data East Checkpoint

SEGA Starship Troopers

Data East Simpsons

Data East Lethal Weapon 3

Williams Bride of Pinbot

Williams Bram Stoker's Dracula

Steen Sharkey’s Shootout

Williams Earthshaker

Bally Pool Sharks

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