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Update On Spinal Tap Pinball From Distributor

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

A Homepin distributor recently published some additional details on its upcoming This is Spinal Tap pinball machine. The game is currently in production and the "will be shipping shortly on pre-order basis." After all of the pre-orders are fulfilled, the next available games will be in May 2022, sold on a first come, first serve basis.

According to the distributor Highway Games’ game-specific website,, the new game will be "packed with features including:

  • 27 Inch backglass LCD monitor

  • Traditional DMD display

  • Stainless steel ramps

  • Quick-release steel metal Lockdown bar

  • Original Spinal Tap soundtracks

  • Cut video scenes from the original movie

  • Replica models of famous TAP guitars

  • Lifetime PCB support

It's interesting that the pin will have both an LCD and a DMD in the backbox. I don't recall ever seeing that on a pinball machine, other than a virtual one.

Below are a number of pictures of the game in production courtesy of Homepin’s Facebook page.

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