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Homepin's Spinal Tap Pinball to Officially Debut During Third Week of September

This news has been out there for a little while, but I don't believe that I've mentioned it yet and I'm catching up after just getting back from vacation, so here you go. Homepin's upcoming This is Spinal Tap pinball machine is slated to make its official debut, I'm assuming with gameplay video and more pictures, at this year's 2022 Newcastle Pinfest in Australia on Saturday 17th.

I actually really like the cult classic movie Spinal Tap, but I don't envision myself personally buying the game. Having said that, I really hope that we get a few on location in my area. I'd absolutely pump a bunch of quarters into one on location.

Below is a link to the event. Hat tip to the Eclectic Gamers Podcast for the reminder about the launch (I'm listening to their latest episode right now).

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