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Huge New Arcade Warehouse Raid - Including Many New In Box Games

You don't see good old arcade warehouse raids very often any more. You know, the proverbial group of classic arcade collectors stumbling across a barn of warehouse of awesome rare games that has been sitting untouched for decades.

Well, one of the greatest arcade warehouse raids of modern times may have just happened last week. The well-known arcade and pinball transporter and reseller Bob Cunningham of "As Found Arcade Machines" just hit the jackpot after negotiating with the owner of a Canadian warehouse that was absolutely PACKED with classic arcade games, a number of which were the holy grail of collecting NIB...New In Box.

I actually bought a pinball machine from Bob years ago in his travels across the country. He's a nice guy so I'm happy to see his hard work negotiating this deal pay off. In all, Bob trucked 80+ games from the warehouse to his Kentucky warehouse.

Bob plans to begin listing these rare games for sale on his As Found Facebook page starting Monday Morning at 9:00 AM Eastern. Below is a link to Bob's page and a ton of awesome pictures from this epic haul:

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