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Iron Maiden and Jurassic Park are on the Line this Week at Stern Pinball

Happy Friday Friends! Now that I've removed advertising from the Knapp Arcade site I can easily write posts from anywhere without having to worry about using a PC to embed the Google AdSense code. It wasn't worth my time to junk up my site and put in the effort for a hundred or two a month. So, I'm sitting here on my deck, enjoying an adult beverage on this beautiful day and crafting this article on my phone.

It's been on the production schedule at Stern for a while now, but it's still amazing to see a game from 2018 back on the line. This week Stern is building Keith Elwin's first two games, Iron Maiden Pro and 2019's Jurassic Park Premium. Safe to say that Mr. Elwin has made quite a bit of money for Stern.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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