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Is PAPA Back? The Beloved Pittsburgh Pinball Tournament Organizer & Promoter Drops New Teaser

Well, as if we didn't already have enough in the world of pinball to talk about today this short teaser video just showed up out of nowhere on the PAPAPinball YouTube page. For years that channel was used to share awesome game tutorials and tournament streams. The first video in seven months just showed up on the page. It's a brief 20 second teaser with the Jaws theme song in the background that says:

It's coming... 2024...

...stay tuned...

Hmmmmm. Is PAPA coming back?! For those of you who aren't familiar with the organization, PAPA is short for the "Professional Amateur Pinball Association." PAPA was beloved a Pittsburgh-based organization that ran pinball tournaments, including the Granddaddy of them all The Pinball World Championships.

PAPA also provided a ton of the pinball machines that were used at one of the most successful arcade conventions in history, Pittsburgh's Replay FX. I went to Replay FX with my family all the way back on 2016. It was an amazing event. Unfortunately, COVID struck, Replay FX was cancelled and PAPA was forced to auction off its massive pinball collection. You'll still see former PAPA pinball machines floating around out there in collections and on location, particularly in the Pittsburgh area like at the Pinball Dojo.

Is PAPA opening back up? Are they doing a video tutorial for Jaws of Pool Sharks? I have no idea what this teaser means, but they've sucked me in and I want to know lol. I'll keep my ear to the ground and report back if they share any more details.

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Wes Wyzykowski
Wes Wyzykowski
07. 12. 2023

This would be fantastic if true!!!

I posted over on YouTube. I remember the rumor that PAPA was returning in Greentree, PA. A burb of Pittsburgh to the South, in the old Parkway Center Mall location.

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Reakce na

That move occurred in 2018 and was the location they closed at in late 2020

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