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Is Stern Pinball Launching Two More New Games in 2023? Potential Year-End Vault?

This morning, the The Pinball Network's flagship podcast, The Pinball Show, published a new episode, containing Zach Meny's always highly anticipated Stern Pinball Production update. Below is his how he sees Stern's production shaking out for the rest of the year:

Stern Pinball Production:


RECENTLY SHIPPED: James Bond Premium

RECENTLY SHIPPED: Jurassic Park Premium


NOW SHIPPING: Iron Maiden Premium

NOW SHIPPING: Foo Fighters Premium

JULY 2023: Foo Fighters Pro

JULY 2023: Foo Fighters Premium

JULY 2023: Godzilla Premium

JULY 2023: Avengers Pro

JULY 2023: Avengers Premium

AUGUST 2023: Jurassic Park Pro

AUGUST 2023: Factory Shutdown for Move to new Facility

SEPTEMBER 2023: New Cornerstone game

OCTOBER 2023: Deadpool Pro

OCTOBER 2023: Deadpool Premium

OCTOBER 2023: Foo Fighters Pro (smaller run)

OCTOBER 2023: Foo Fighters Premium (smaller run)

DECEMBER 2023: James Bond Pro (smaller run)

DECEMBER 2023: James Bond Premium (smaller run)

Mandalorian Pro, Mandalorian Premium, Star Wars Pro and Star Wars Premium were slated for December 2023 production to meet the Christmas demand for the iconic Star Wars license, but all four of them have been pushed back possibly into 2024.

Speaking of that new cornerstone, I've been told that it's very likely the game will be shown off at San Diego Comic-Con, which is scheduled to take place Thursday, July 20th through Sunday July 23rd. As previously mentioned, the machine is very strongly rumored to be Marvel's Venom, designed by Brian Eddy with art by Zombie Yeti aka Jeremy Packer and coding by Dwight Sullivan, with a good chance that the game contains some sort of collaboration with Ozzy Osbourne and Todd McFarlane.

As you can see, there is a hole in Stern Pinball's stated production schedule in November and most of December of this year. There is some speculation that Stern may release a second new game late in 2023, potentially a Vault of an older title or a new Kapow game. Will that actually happen? Time will tell, but it's fun to think about possibly getting another new game from Stern so soon.

The Pinball Show Ep 130: Into The Pini-Verse

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