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Is the Theme for the Mystery Pinball Company’s Upcoming Game David Bowie’s Movie Labyrinth?

After all the excitement last night that saw all of us furiously trying to solve a grade school ditto of puzzles (remember those?) from the newest entrant to the Pinball World - the currently named Mystery Pinball Company (MPC) this morning we have what may be the best guess as to what all of the newfound clues mean.

While I was still sleeping at 4 AM, Chris from Kaneda's Pinball Podcast went on Facebook Live with his guess for the game's upcoming theme...the 1986 Jim Henson directed, David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly movie "Labyrinth." I don't always mention game guesses and predictions beforehand but this one sounds right to me. Kudos to him if it is.

If you look at the clues with Labyrinth in mind, they definitely fit. The clue sheet that MPC sent over contained an actual maze or a form of Labyrinth if you will. It would be a "Licensed" game. David Bowie's "Rock and Roll" "Music" is in the movie. Supposedly there's references in Labyrinth to "raise the roof" but I haven't seen the movie in 30 years so I'm going to need a refresher to see that.

Chris believes that the former Spooky Pinball animator David Van Es, who was rumored to have unsuccessfully tried to get the company to make a Labyrinth pin, is involved in this new project.

So there's the best theme guess that I've seen so far for the new game. What do you think? Would you be interested in a Labyrinth pin?

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